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Who is she?

Mitia means "Who is like God?" Katriane means "pure." 


Mitia Katriane is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician from Seattle, WA. She grew up learning and singing with her family gospel group "Oliver" Generations of Faith where she played the drums and sang background vocals. They were inducted into the Seattle Gospel Quartet Hall of Fame in 2014. Mitia plays the drums, piano, organ and knows how to produce music. 


Mitia is a worshipper at heart, having been the Praise and Worship Leader and Minister of Music at her Dad's Church for over twenty years. She recorded her first solo project at age 17, having spent three prior years in the studio with her family.



Mitia has hands-on and formal music education. She graduated in 2005 from SAE Institute of Technology in New York with a Certificate of Completion in Electronic Music Production. Also, in 2016, Mitia graduated from Shoreline Community College with an AA Degree in Digital Audio Engineering.


Mitia has been honored to sing background and/or play an instrument live and in studio with many artists and choirs in the Pacific NW. Mitia has released several albums, EPs and singles under her name Mitia Oliver.


Mitia has a heart for the youth department as well. Her life's mission has been to be an example of Holy living to the youth department. Life happened for Mitia Oliver, she almost forgot the mission. She almost conformed to this world while seeking the Kingdom. In 2022, her life completely changed. Cycles had to break. The Holy Spirit confronted Mitia. At the lowest place, The Blood of Jesus reached to her again and God pulled Mitia Oliver out of a lukewarm place and changed her name. One day, Mitia will share her full testimony. 

      ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF:       Mitia Katriane


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