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       Mitia Oliver is an accomplished Underground Gospel Pop Artist with Jesus Is Lord Records. She is a BMI songwriter with 75 registered songs. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, Praise & Worship Leader & Minister of Music from Seattle, WA. She was born & raised into a musical family gospel group called “Oliver” Generations of Faith. They’ve been singing across the Pacific Northwest Area for over 30 years and were inducted into the Seattle Gospel Quartet Hall of Fame in 2014. Mitia began singing at age 4, playing the drums at age 10, the piano at age 11 & playing the organ at age 16. She recorded her first EP at the age of 17 for her Graduation Assessment. She’s been producing & writing music for 20 years. While in High School, she started the Garfield Gospel Choir which was eventually turned into an elective class. She has sung in Workshop Choirs with Hezekiah Walker & Twinkie Clark. She’s also sung background for many local artists, including Lady A & The Baby Blues Funk Band. Mitia has played drums & led praise & worship at countless churches in Washington State. 

    Mitia has gone to school for music and completed two programs. In 2005, she received a Certificate of Completion in Electronic Music Production from SAE Institute of Technology NY & in 2016, she received an AA degree in Digital Audio Engineering from Shoreline Community College. Mitia has been writing & performing her own praise songs since 2007. In 2010, she released her first single entitled, “Jesus Is Lord.” In 2012, she released another hit single entitled, “Church Girl.” This song afforded her to be able to minister at many different venues in Seattle including, C89.5’s Gospel Extravaganza, C-Spot’s open mic nights, The Triple Door, The Seattle Center, Westlake Park, FolkLife, McCaw Hall & almost every church in Seattle & surrounding areas. 


     Being a PK, one would think Mitia’s been saved all her life. But she actually came to Christ at the age of 16 and rededicated her life fully to God in 2004 after seeing the Passion of Christ movie. She’s been preaching & teaching the Word of God since becoming saved. Her calling is to declare Romans 10:9 everywhere. Jesus Is Lord! Mitia’s spiritual gift is the gift of “helps”. Whatever or whenever there’s a need to be filled; God gives Mitia the ability to be of help. If a musician is needed, encouragement, a singer, prayer, a Word, tarrying at the altar, cast out demons, sick need to recover…Mitia is confident in the Christ who lives in her to stand strong & allow God to get His glory. 


     Mitia is not just a Minister of Music, she has also begun to branch out into the fulltime service of the Kingdom of God. She has launched her own band and is excited to share a new sound with the masses. Mitia has 8 albums, 9 singles & 3 EP's out for purchase. Her hit songs include: Church Girl, Real Joy, Seek Wisdom (New Years Chant), Jesus Is Lord, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, He’s the One, Tweet’s “Cab Ride” & so many more. She is currently in the top 10 Gospel Reverbnation Charts. She is the CEO & first artist on her record label: Jesus Is Lord Records. 

    Mitia’s favorite scripture is Philippians 4:11-13. She is determined to go forward with no fear or doubt. She believes God to complete His work in her. Her soul still says “Yes” & no matter what happens or comes up, Jesus Is Lord. Please follow her on every social media account & pray for her ministry to catapult to the next level in God. She's focused on fulfilling the initial mission: Everyone in Seattle has heard JESUS IS LORD.

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